Automotive,aerospace industry

Boreas BRM-A series micron size diamond and BRD series mesh size diamond are suitable for making kinds of diamond cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing diamond tools with resin bond, vitrified/ceramic bond, metal bond, electroplated, brazing, and hybrid bond system.

Single crystal diamond powder: The crystal shape is regular and complete hexahedral, with high strength, toughness and good thermal stability, and strong impact resistance. It is suitable for the manufacture of electroplating products, grinding wheels, grinding wheels, polishing and engraving of high-grade stone, processing of automobile glass, high-grade furniture, ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials, etc.

Compared with other semiconductor devices, diamond electronic devices have the advantages of small size, high integration and no cooling

In the eyes of scientists, single crystal diamond is not only an "industrial tooth", but also an "ultimate semiconductor". Some experts even said that "without diamond, there would be no information industry"

Smiling with confidence is easier when our teeth are shining.

In the future, the market for high-performance diamonds will be larger, and therefore, the growth of industrial diamonds will be accelerated. After the commodity of diamond is popularized in the future, it is very likely to raise the material civilization of human beings to an unprecedented level. Since the properties of other materials cannot surpass diamonds, human beings will enter the eternal "diamond age".

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