PCD/PDC synthesis

Our BRM-PCD series micron diamond powder was designed exclusively for the synthesising PCD/PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact).

The grains are disordered, isotropic, and have no cleavage planes, so it does not have the same strength, hardness and wear resistance on different crystal planes as large single crystal diamonds, and the existence of cleavage planes. brittle

It has high strength, especially the PDC material has high impact strength due to the support of the cemented carbide matrix. When the impact is large, only small grains will be broken, rather than large pieces like single crystal diamond. Therefore, PCD or PDC tools can be used not only for precision cutting and general semi-precision machining, but also for rough machining and intermittent machining with large cutting amount, which greatly expands the application range of diamond tool materials.

Can be made into specific shapes to suit different processing needs. Due to the large-scale PDC tool and the improvement of processing technology such as EDM and laser cutting technology, triangle, herringbone and other special-shaped blade blanks can be processed. In order to meet the needs of special cutting tools, it can also be designed into package-type, sandwich-type and flower-rolled PDC tool blanks.

The performance of a product can be designed or predicted, giving the product the necessary characteristics to suit its specific use. For example, the selection of fine-grained PDC tool material can improve the quality of the cutting edge of the tool, and the coarse-grained PDC tool material can improve the durability of the tool, etc.

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